For most people who enter a courtroom, the experience counts among the most terrifying experiences of their lives.

Whether it’s regarding a business issue, a divorce or a criminal matter, there’s a lot at stake.

It stands to reason, then, that having an experienced attorney by one’s side—to state the client’s case, to interpret the law accordingly and, in the end, to fight for the client’s rights—is priceless.

We asked readers to tell us who they turn to in times of dire need, and they responded by casting their votes on our websites, SuburbanLifeMagazine.com and PhiladelphiaLifeMag.com.

The results – a comprehensive list of the area’s top attorneys – unfold on the following pages.

From the outermost suburbs to Center City Philadelphia, our 2016 Top Attorneys are eager to fight on behalf of their clients in matters related to everything from bankruptcy law to whistleblower cases, and from family law to personal injury.

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