“All Dead All Dead” – Bio

“All Dead All Dead”
Released October 28, 1977
Queen – British rock band

“All Dead All Dead” – Meaning


All Dead, All Dead” was partly inspired by the death of Brian May’s cat.

Sung by Brian May, the lilting, melancholy track “All Dead, All Dead” sounds like a farewell to a departed lover, but it was at least partly inspired by the death of the guitarist’s childhood cat.

“It was a song I had around for a while,” May recalled during an appearance on In the Studio with Redbeard.

“All Dead All Dead” – Brian May


It was kind of about the passing of friends and I think the thing that started it off was my cat, losing my cat.

My cat died when I was a kid, and I kind of never got over it.

I think it was one of those things which surfaces now and again in different ways.

I think I wrote the song for the album thinking that I was writing it about something completely different – but I think part of it was sort of getting it out of my system.

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