and away we go

Grave Sites – Jackie Gleason – Bio

Jackie Gleason
Born February 26, 1916 – Died June 24, 1987
American Comedian, Actor, Musician

Grave Sites – Jackie Gleason – Note

Jackie Gleason is buried in Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Cemetery in Miami, Florida.


Despite its size, Jackie Gleason’s tomb is surprisingly anonymous. His name is inscribed on his sarcophagus lid, but you have to walk up into the tomb to see it.

From the outside, the only inscription is the four words that were Gleason’s signature parting line, “And away we go.”

Grave Sites – Jackie Gleason – Brooklyn

Jackie Gleason was born in Brooklyn, New York.


In one of the many tributes that the world has extolled upon him is a sign that welcomes you to Brooklyn.

… how sweet he was …

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