Brilliant … Trustworthy … Responsive … Knowledgeable … Kept me informed.

Mr. Whalen, Jr., is all of the above and more.

Over the years I’ve learned that I have never been misled, sold a bill of goods, or placated by John.

If he can’t solve a problem or answer a question, he says so.

Or, [he] will attempt to find the solution.

Mr. Whalen has also been judicious with fees and is quite understanding in these economic times.

Shakespeare was not referring to John when he made [his] infamous statement; on the contrary, John is the exception that proves the rule.

John’s services were specifically related to Elder Law/Wills et al.

The authorship John brings to his informed and up-to-date decision-making remains superior in this time of ever-changing Elder law/Estates/Wills/Probate.

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