John and I met accidently about four years ago, and what a great coincidence it turned out to be!

John mentioned he handled estate planning amongst his other skills, and the timing of our initial conversation turned out perfect.

He held my hand when needed (I’m not afraid to admit my ignorance of wills, estates, etc) and kept my confidence the entire process.

He is sharp-witted and intelligent fellow, as his numerous awards and recognitions can testify to.

It’s nice dealing with an attorney who is there for more than just business.

John truly cares about his clientele and their estates.

When I was already in a melancholy mood and dealing with grief and loss, John was a gentle voice of assistance.

I am proud to call him a friend.

I have recommended John to my entire family and many friends, and wish him well in his continued progress and successes.

If your needs include will/probate/estate matters, call this fellow.

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