“Dr. Cox’s Breakdown” – Bio

Episode “My Lunch” Season 5, Number 20
American Medical Comedy Drama

Dr Cox’s Breakdown – Dialogue

Dr. Cox: Clear!

(Dr. Cox fires the paddles, then watches the defibrillator.)

Dr. Cox: Still in V-tach, clear!

(Dr. Cox fires the paddles again.)

Dr. Cox: Come on. VF, Clear!

(Dr. Cox fires the paddles again.)

Dr. Cox: Aw, come on. Come on, Come on! GOD! GOD, GOD!

(Dr. Cox throws the paddles at the defibrillator and smashes the machine against the wall. Carla and the other nurses clean up and exit. Mr. Bradford’s body vanishes and Dr. Cox is left standing alone. J.D. enters.)

Dr. Cox: He wasn’t about to die, was he, Newbie? Could have waited another month for a kidney.

(Dr. Cox exits the room and removes his gloves.)

Where are you going? Your shift’s not over. Hey! Remember what you told me? The second you start blaming yourself for people’s deaths…there’s no coming back.

Dr. Cox: (faces J.D.) Yeah…right.

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