“How Can You Kill Him?” – Bio

Alan Shore
Boston Legal, Season 1, Episode 17
Written by David E. Kelley


Zeke Borns never had a chance.

He was rounded up as a teenager, thrown in a cell while he was still doped up on drugs, brow-beaten and interrogated, until his IQ of eighty was overcome, he confessed to a crime he had no memory of, still has no memory of, for which there is no evidence, other than two witnesses who saw him pumping gas around the time of the murder.

He was given a coked-up lawyer, who admittedly did nothing. I’m now before nine presumably intelligent people in the justice business, who have the benefit of knowing all of this.

Add to that, you know DNA places somebody else at the scene, and you’re indifferent!

You don’t care!

Whether you believe in my client’s innocence, and I’ll assume, with all due respect, may it please the court, that you don’t!

You cannot be sure of his guilt!

You simply cannot!

And failing that, how can you kill him?

How can you kill him?

“How Can You Kill Him? – Closing Argument

And I would sincerely, sincerely, sincerely, hope that you don’t penalize my client, simply because his lawyers happen to be from Massachusetts – the home of the New England Patriots, who could kick ass over any football team you’ve got in the good state of Texas.

May it please the court.

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