“It Happened” – Bio

Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman)
Born May 24, 1941
American poetic songwriter, singer, painter, writer, and Nobel prize laureate.

“It Happened” – Interview


I’d like to know the meaning of the cover photo on your album, Highway 61 Revisited?
What would you like to know about it?

It seems to have some philosophy in it. I’d like to know what it represents to you – you’re a part of it . . . 
I haven’t really looked at it that much.

I’ve thought about it a great deal.
It was just taken one day when I was sittin’ on the steps y’know – I don’t really remember too much about it.

I thought the motorcycle was an image in your songwriting. You seem to like that.
Oh, we all like motorcycles to some degree.

. . .

Do you prefer songs with a subtle or obvious message?
With a what???

A subtle or obvious message?
Uh – I don’t really prefer those kinds of songs at all – “message” – you mean like – what songs with a message?

Well, like “Eve of Destruction” and things like that.
Do I prefer that to what?

I don’t know, but your songs are supposed to have a subtle message.
Subtle message???

Well, they’re supposed to.
Where’d you hear that?

In a movie magazine?

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