Labor omnia vincit’ – Hard work conquers all.

I met John over 10 years ago as a client and I am proud to call him a friend.

My occupation allows me to cross paths with attorneys on a daily basis and of the thousands I’ve encountered John is truly one of a kind.

The first thing you will be impressed with is his dedication and professionalism.

He always makes it appear that you are his only client.

He is the only 24/7 attorney that I know.

If you’re looking for an attorney with knowledge in will/probate/estate matters, John is the only attorney I would recommend.

The most refreshing thing about John is after speaking with him not only do you have an answer to your question or directions to go in, you also have a better day because of his sincerity and attentiveness.

I consider him a true friend and an extremely competent attorney.

Give him a chance and he will prove himself more than willing and able to complete every task at hand.

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