John and I went to high school together; it’s no surprise to me that John is at the top of his game in Pa Estate Planning, Pa Estate Administration, Pa Fiduciary Law Representation and Pa Estate Taxation.

John has a passion for law with a caring curve that surpasses the norm. He strives to educate the public on estate and taxation issues through his many appearances, his blogs, and social media, publications on the Legal Library, and in his publications in area business and legal journals.

He provides consultations to his clients without obligation or charge! It’s unheard of today for an attorney to make a house call and consult evenings, weekends or holidays without charge. It’s not unheard of at John’s firm, it’s the norm.

And, it takes as long as it takes.

Ethics, commitment and a true caring focus on his client are what make him unique.

To work with John would be an honor.

If I ever relocated back to PA I’sd be knocking at his door!

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