On Life, Lennon, and Bolan – Bio

David Bowie (David Robert Jones)
Born January 8, 1947 – Died January 10, 2016
English singer, songwriter, actor, and popular figure in music for over five decades, becoming acclaimed by critics and other musicians for his innovative work.

On Life …


for me, finding myself not wandering off into extremes

but just to keep a focus on everyday and get the balance of that day

harmoniously and positively

it’s really really the object of living through each day

for me anyway

On Lennon …


he was just a joy to work with in the studio that one time

it was like every British kid’s dream

On Bolan …


Marc Bolan of T-Rex

was another very close friend of mine

he died in a car crash in 78

I think enough of those and

and you really start to reconsider every day

for being something freeing

really being a jewel

really being something very precious

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