“Outta’ my way, you bastards!”

“Outta’ my way, you bastards!” – Bio

Johnny Depp
Born June 9, 1963
David Letterman Show Interview

“Outta’ my way, you bastards!” – Letterman

the first time I met him

I happen to be in Aspen

this is December, 1994

I happen to be in Aspen

I got an invitation from mutual friend

who said would you like to meet Hunter?

come to the Woody Creek Tavern

at midnight or something

so I go to the Woody Creek tavern

and I make my way

as far back in the place

you know

to the back wall just to kind of

be invisible

and then around 1:30

the front door bursts open

and I literally saw sparks


and then I saw people

throwing themselves out of the way yeah

on this kind of sea

you know opening that parting the sea

and the people jumping and diving

hurling themselves it to safety and then I heard

out of my way you bastards

and has he got closer

I realize that he had

a three foot cattle prod

in his left hand

and a taser

in his right hand hand