“Am I Wrong?” – Bio

“Am I Wrong”
Released 2004
“Love Spit Love” – Alternative rock band founded in 1992 by singer Richard Butler during the 1990s hiatus of the Psychedelic Furs.

“Am I Wrong?” – Dedication

… this post is dedicated to Valley Forge Park benches, diners, and realizing that fear results in so much wasted time …

“Am I Wrong?” – Meaning

The two people in “Am I Wrong” are suffering equally, with the narrator offering advice to the person he’s addressing even as he suffers through his own torment.

His opening words, “There’s too much – That I keep to myself,” suggest that the self-examination and confessions that he undertakes are not actually shared with this other person.

And it seems like the duo are the participants in a romance about to run its course: “It’s like glass/ When we break/ I wish no one in my place.”

This couple is unable to make the commitment necessary to get through these hard times, and it seems to frustrate them both: “On my fate/ You give no guarantees/ There’s no promise I can keep.”

The narrator’s angst is represented by an almost complete paralysis and deadening of the senses, as he feels unable to stand or see in the presence of his heartbreak.

“Am I Wrong?” – Love Spit Love

And yet he reaches out to this other person to try to help her through her own malaise.

In the closing verse, the narrator seems both disappointed and saddened in the transformation that has taken place: “You’re so tired in your face/ You let life get in your way.”

He keeps asking, “Am I wrong,” as if he hopes he’ll find out that he is incorrect, that there is somehow a way back to happiness for the pair.

But his refrain of “Goodbye, lay the blame on luck” is the final word, these two people writing off their failure to the winds of chance when they both know chance had nothing to do with it.