“There Are So Many” – Bio

“James Leer” – “Wonder Boys” (Tobias Vincent “Tobey” Maguire)
Born June 27, 1975
American Actor, Film Producer

“There Are So Many” – Dialogue

Hannah Green: James will know about George Sanders.

James Leer: George Sanders?

Hannah Green: Mr. Crabtree was saying how George Sanders killed himself, only he couldn’t remember how.

James Leer: Pills. April 25, 1972, in a Costa Brava hotel room.

Terry Crabtree: How comprehensive of you.

Hannah Green: James is amazing. He knows all the movie suicides. Go ahead, James. Tell him.

James Leer: There are so many.

Hannah Green: Well, just a few. The big ones.


James Leer:

Pier Angeli, 1971 or ’72, also pills

Donald “Red” Barry, shot himself in 1980

Charles Boyer, 1978, pills again

Charles Butterworth, 1946, I think. In a car. Supposedly, it was an accident, but, you know, he was distraught

Dorothy Dandridge, pills, 1965

Albert Dekker, 1968. He hung himself. He wrote his suicide note in lipstick on his stomach

William Inge, carbon monoxide, 1973

Carole Landis, pills again. I forget when

George Reeves, “Superman” on TV, shot himself

Jean Seberg, pills, of course, 1979

Everett Sloane – he was good – pills

Margaret Sullavan, pills

Lupe Velez, a lot of pills

Gig Young, he shot himself and his wife in 1978

There are tons more

Hannah Green: I haven’t heard of half of them.

Terry Crabtree: You did them alphabetically.

James Leer: It’s just how my brain works, I guess.

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