Philadelphia Pa Estate Litigation Lawyers

Most estates, especially when there is a proper will in place, are easily settled. Yet there are times when other factors complicate the issue, creating a situation that requires more careful consideration. For example, a family business, an estate that is in bankruptcy or an estate that holds significant amounts of real estate may become complicated quite quickly. This is where estate litigation comes into play.

When an estate or a will is contested and the case has to go to court, the right Pennsylvania estate litigation attorney is required to ensure an individual’s best interests are protected. John B. Whalen, Jr. Esq. is a Pennsylvania estate litigation attorney who is ready to fight for the interests of his clients in complex estate cases.

Aggressive, Knowledgeable Representation

When estates become complex, the case sometimes has to go to court to be resolved. When that happens, Attorney John Whalen provides aggressive representation backed by a firm knowledge of estate law. With potential disputes involving everything from clauses in a will or trust to claims from a third-party transaction with the deceased individual, the number of complexities that can come up in these cases is extensive, and those who are in the midst of a case will want an experienced attorney on their sides.

Attorney John Whalen understands the complexities of Pennsylvania’s estate law, and is ready to help individuals understand their rights as they settle an estate. From creating the initial will or trust to ensuring that as much of the estate as possible is protected, he offers the benefit of a deep knowledge of estate law and the experience of many years in the legal field with a focus on estate planning. Find out more with a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Control Litigation Costs

In an estate case, litigation costs can skyrocket out of control quite quickly. Having proper representation helps prevent that from happening. Attorney Whalen will help keep costs in check while protecting the rights of those left behind in an estate case. All alternatives are explored to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is chosen when a question is addressed.

Personal Attention

Attorney John B. Whalen, Jr., Esq., understands both the emotional and financial implications of an estate litigation case. That is why he maintains a close connection with his clients, to ensure that he understands the goals and desires of each family served. If you are facing a complex estate battle, make sure your interests and rights are protected with the help of Attorney John Whalen.

John B. Whalen, Jr., JD., LL.M., is an AV Peer Review Rated Preeminent 5.0 and Avvo Rated 10.0 Superb (obtaining over 95 client reviews and peer endorsements) premier and prestigious Attorney and Counselor at Law. He is located at 696 Pont Reading Road Ardmore Pa 19003. He serves all surrounding counties, on all 7 days, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and on evenings, weekends, and holidays. He provides free initial consults all seven days, provides home visits, and provides flat fee structures. He can be reached by email at jw60297@me.com, and by telephone at 1-484-417-6244. He has amassed over 60 prestigious and premier professional awards and over 5000 client reviews and endorsements.

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