Episode “My Lunch” Season 3, Episode 14
American Medical Comedy Drama

“You Have To Forgive Yourself” – Dialogue


Dr. Cox: So how come you don’t have to get all dressed up?

Ben: I am dressed up. You see any holes in these pants?

Dr. Cox: No.

Ben: I’m glad you made it. Listen. There is one more thing you have to do for me.

Dr. Cox: You can’t keep me from getting drunk.

Ben: You have to forgive yourself for everything that went down the other day.

Dr. Cox: You are so annoying.

Ben: Yeah.

Dr. Cox: Okay.

Ben: Good.

Dr. Cox: Now, where is your camera? Aren’t, aren’t you going to take some pictures?

… J.D.: Pictures of what? …

Dr. Cox: You know. Crying babies. Covered in chocolate. People singing happy birthday to my son, who’ve never even met him before. You know, the whole routine.


… J.D.: Where do you think we are? …

… but in the end …

… the most important thing to accept is that …

… no matter alone you feel …

… how painful it may be …

… with the help of those around you …


… you will get through this too …

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